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Lets talk about the arena problems

I like arenas but after 8 it gets impossible for me eny way i endid up fighting a rank 5 g1 prime with my rank 2 megatron and i was at 10 or so streak i beat him because im that good but this is not what the disscusion is about we need to fix arena match makeing we need fairer mach ups becouse my bots cant handle rank 5 4 stars when i only have 1 rank 2 4 star and 4 rank 3 3 stars please look into this problems


  • It's just gonna get more difficult because more and more players are ranking up their bots to 3 and 4, and it's mostly those who have been playing since day one, or have spent to beat RoK or are in a very active alliance that reach all milestones. Your gonna have to create sandbag teams or recharge your strong bots to get trough the arena red zone.
    Give it time, maybe kabam has a plan for the future, like a more advanced arena for those higher up players.
  • Jesus, the real problem is that the results for last arena didn't came up yet, and current arena started several hours ago...
  • 2 hours later... Still Nothing
  • Almost a day has passed still no rank rewards
  • Player bot level doesn't matter actually (they would just have AI teams if the player team wasn't available), and there is not any matchup search to tweak. There's a PI formula in place (just like MCOC... almost literally just like, the math is a bit steeper I believe... only slightly though). The enemy PI will be closer to even to you as you get to 5x streak, is even to yours plus or minus a threshold at 5x streak (seems to me just slightly higher than even here), and increases to double your PI at 14x streak plus or minus a threshold (double in MCOC, think it's more than double here, but point is it is a fixed point based on your PI). The reason why sandbagging works is because the formula doesn't change as far as getting closer to double your PI. So, if you toss in an unlevelled weenie, the PI that is going to be doubled is obviously a lot lower. You can also get easier fights by using all weenies to fight double your PI, but still not high individual PI enemies. You can't change the gauntlet's inevitable march up to double, except if you have maxed 4*s (although I don't think anyone has that yet, but this was the case in MCOC). If you have maxed 4*s, you get all easy rated matchups forever. If not... you are always needing to overcome 2x (or whatever exactly in this game) your PI at streak 14,, then you have infinite easy streak as long as you are using max 3*s or better.
  • Personally I no longer play arenas... to many problems.. And it's to time consuming...
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