TFTF Line Community

There is a new general chat on the Line app for anyone and everyone who plays TFTF. You can follow the link below to join and give out to others to join.

This is a general chat for recruiting, game talk, general discussion or what have you. Feel free to step in and say HI if your using the Line app.


  • XhibitAXhibitA Posts: 201
    This link is no longer valid. If you interested in joining a Line community please use the following link.
  • There are already half a dozen such groups. Type "community" in conversation with the 411 bot and you can find them pretty easily
  • XhibitAXhibitA Posts: 201
    The link I posted above your reply Trailfire is a link to the 411 TFTF lobby...
  • Can the moderators provide an iCal or google calendar in addition to the image of the calendars you post.... or have you already, and I need to look for it?
  • SabugenSabugen Posts: 350
    as i wrote in the other post, its not a real calendar its made with photoshop.
  • Bntyhntr3232_Bntyhntr3232_ Posts: 528
    That brightens up my day
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