Possible Glitch When Levelling Up

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Im pretty sure when you level up, it says you get a mastery core as one of the prizes. Yet, when i go to masteries to unlock one, it says I dont have enough. Please clarify this for me, because I only glanced at it when i levelled up. I will try to get a picture of it next time i level up if this is a recurring issue.


  • Wow im surprised no one has commented yet, with the amt of views this thing has had lol
  • What level did you reach? I'm at 43, don't remember seeing mastery cores in any of my level-up rewards. Then again, I've only leveled up once I think since masteries got introduced
  • You don't get a mastery core, you get a mastery point.
  • kelsus wrote: »
    You don't get a mastery core, you get a mastery point.

    This is correct. Since we have not changed the Maximum Commander Level since masteries were introduced, those have not been part of the Level Up rewards. I'm not sure if they will in the future if we ever change the Maximum Commander Level, but it is a possibility.
  • OHHH ok. My bad i shouldve payed more attention to it
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