Thoughts on Alliance Mission energy

ManthroManthro Posts: 2,070
edited September 2017 in General Discussion
Instead of having 6x5 individual energy, what if it was community energy of 30?

This affords a fair chance to smaller alliances , alliances that may be short players for one reason or another, or alliances that have players in completely opposite time zones. They still have the ability to complete high difficulty AM. They start with less initial energy anyway, but while they are sleeping they can still cap a total of 30.

In fact, it might make kabam more money on revives and repairs, and even energy refills since shorthanded alliances would fight more individual battles, and could even buy energy for the community pool so someone else can rush a lane.

It's not really an advantage, because a player can only cover a single lane, and you need minimum 4 players in a BG to 100% it anyway... But it definitely is a huge QoL improvement by providing flexibility and allowing players to play when it is convenient.



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