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[BEA5T] BEASTMODE is Recruiting!


[BEA5T] BEASTMODE is for a strong and active players that play and chat everyday on the WhatsApp.
[BST20] BEASTMODE 2.0 is for low and medium but active leveled players that growing rapidly each time.
Join the Alliance while we are building forces!
The other things you should know is on the picture above.
If you’re interested, contact the Leader, Soulforged666 on the game or you can contact the Officers.


  • Or you can just comment here that you demand to join.
    Have a nice day!
  • If you interested to join (BST20) BEASTMODE 2.0, please contact the leader, TheRealRaffyP on the game.

    And our Alliance much members are MCOC Veterans with the same Alliance name
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