Bug: Bots can only move forwards and backwards; ranged projectiles stay frozen in mid-air

The fight begins with the special meter filled entirely with white, instead of greyed out, like it should normally be. My bot cannot move side to side, only forwards or backwards and when I shoot a ranged weapon (light or heavy), it could be a laser or Drift's sword, it just hovers in the air and kind of has a white cast to it, the same shade of white as the special meter at the bottom. It stays this way until I'm KO'd.

I first encountered this bug while playing the Knight Challenge on an iPad Mini, but other guys in my alliance reported the same bug; not sure which platform they're using though. I completed the Knight Challenge after it happening once or maybe twice, so I just decided to let it go and didn't report a bug, but last night I discovered it had moved over to the Alliance Mission side of the game and that got me furious.

My first fight of the night started off with this bug and I knew the second I was gonna have to exit the game to stop me from being KO'd that it was gonna rob me of half my health; I was right. Then it did it again this morning with a different bot and I ended up having to spend money to revive my bots because we run a pretty high difficulty level where you need to start with all your health.

If this keeps up, I think I'll just have to quit doing AM because I can't spend $10 to revive bots just to fight Starscream in AM for marginal AM rewards (with the Knight Challenge I knew I was at least going to get a T2A).

I hope this description can help solve whatever is causing this and also hope the daily force closes that occur outside of this bug can be fixed as well. I don't get penalized for those (yet), but it would sure be nice to play a game that doesn't have these issues.


  • Hi there,

    I'm sorry to hear you're running into this. :( Definitely don't want this happening to you or anyone else. Can you possibly provide a video of the issue? It'll help with bringing the information to our teams.
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