Dashing Medium Attacks Problem

So I've been doing TLK 4* Challenge and I'm almost done with completing it. I'm kinda stuck on the second to last mission. Especially on Barricade 'cause he has the ranged buffs, meaning I can't use ranged attacks on him. So what I do is I dash into him while he's shooting.

Now what's happening to me as of late is that my dash sometimes fails to actually dash in at the opponent. I should also note that this happens when I fight bots with no passive evading buffs and the bots haven't been dashing backwards when I start to dash.
So when I'm fighting Barricade for instance, I dodge his bullets and try to dash in at him but my dash stops right before hitting him which results into me flailing and him landing a combo on me. You'll probably understand that this gets pretty frustrating, especially when doing TLK Challenge. I've been playing this game for a long time and I never really noticed this problem since a few weeks or maybe a month.

Is this a thing that is actually supposed to happen and I'm executing my dashes wrong or is this actually a bug that is getting fixed sooner or later?


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,045
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    As you are dashing in, are you tapping the screen in anticipation of the next few melee hits after the dash? If so.. don't.

    I've found that tapping the screen during a dash often results in your bot coming up short, as though your melee hits are overriding the end of the dash and you whiff air.

    Let your bot start on that first medium hit in the dash, then mash your screen.

    It's a small timing adjustment, but you'll find it makes a lot of difference with the problem you are having.
  • Manthro is right, I was having the same problem and while I still over-correct sometimes and whiff, it's helped a lot.
  • I've found the same thing, and Manthro's solution is the only work around.

    I only started to notice this a few updates ago, I didn't see it happening at launch. I'm sure if it's always been there or introduced later.
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