What happens in AM when....

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So... This question is for the mods/admins

A few of us in our alliance started chatting about this, since it will become a distinct possibility on the near future;

What happens if two alliances finish lvl 99/100 over the course of AM?

Our thought was that since sharks give slightly different points payouts, there would never be an actual tie, but... Doesn't that seem a bit arbitrary?

What happens if two alliances keep doing max level AM over 3-4 weeks, and one of them keeps getting lucky enough to end up in 1st each time?

Is there not a better way to determine who wins and loses? What if there are 3 alliances all running maxed AM levels? What then?

Are points affected by item use at all? If you can destroy a bot in one round I stead of having g to split it between two bots?

What about individual points? I know some players like to hit linked nodes for fun, which translates into mega individual points... Are these a factor at all?


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    Linked nodes doesn’t give more points... hasn’t for a long long time

    But the rest are valid points now more and more alliances will start creeping up
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    they should increase the difficulty to 200 max.. will encourage more players at the top to spend for potions, and at the same time give them better rewards :) win-win for everyone. Much more accurate rankings that way too for the top 10 alliances.

    item use should be the differentiator for alliances attempting the same difficulty.. the more items a player used, a slight penalty will be imposed at the end of a battle. How many times a bot has been attempted (before going down) can be used as well.. the more times required to put out a bot.. the less points a player will earn for the BG (once again just a small % points for the sake of differentiating the total points with the nearest alliance during rankings).
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