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Raid Defence

So far the RAIDs are a lot less challenging and so are the rewards. You have to wait for an hour to get a ticket and then challenge another base and I have honestly never fought and lost a Raid since most of us stay around the same medal count and almost the same opponent ratings due to the continuous addition and removal of medals. Raid close to 20 times a day and you may get enough CHIPS for a 3 star bot. To play 20 times you have to be able to login 6 times a day at an equal interval of 3 hours which I think is quite difficult for someone who has a life outside of the game.

What would be more interesting would be an option to defend our base on our own if we are online while our base in being attacked. The game continuously stays connected to the Kabam servers so I believe it would be possible to notify the commander when someone has started attacking our base and we are given an option to defend it. Anyone who has been playing this awesome game for a while now very well knows that we can play a lot better and faster than AI. So such a live duel between two commanders would be much more challenging and so can be the rewards. @KABAM when I say rewards, please don't make us steal something more than medals from the other commander, instead just add something to the rewards like double the CHIPS or Gold or something. This approach to raids would also give us a chance to see how mods operate with our bot because so far we have fought all sorts of mods but never have used a single mod with our own bots in a fight.


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Live raid defense is no different than asking for live raid opponents, they said currently it’s not possible to do and be fair thanks to the different phones os and connections everyone has
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