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The Predaconz Want You!

Predaconz [Zayp3]

The Predaconz are an active alliance with a casual atmosphere and members from around the globe. We are looking for a new commander with at least two 1500+ Bots and experience running Alliance Missions. We communicate, coordinating on missions and events or just killing time between timers. If you are an active player with a good attitude who loves transformers check out Predaconz [Zayp3]* or send a friend request to Babyj.15, Dar alHarb, or any of our officers.


-Competitive in Alliance Missions. We are running Level ~41 for now, which requires some effort and coordination.
-At least two Bots rated 1500+. 4* rank 3 preferred.
-Line App. Communication is important and the in game chat doesn't cut it.
-Weekly donations are 110,000 gold.
-Have Fun. It's a game. Yeah we play too much of it, but it's still a game. It supposed to be fun.

About Us:
-We came in 2nd in the last level up event and 57th in the last Logical Authority ranking.
-Our members live on four different continents, and we work to utilize all of our time zones.
-Bonus points this week for playing in Asia or Australia.
-The Predaconz date back to the release of the game. Most of us have been part of the Alliance for months.
-We are competitive and active but no one is pushy. Contribute to AM and check on Line occasionally.
-No one is ever going to make you spend any money.
-No one is going to judge you if you spend lots of money.

If you want to be one of the Predaconz, apply now!

-Dar alHarb

*Don't ask us what Zayp3 stands for. The original Leader picked it and never got around to telling us why.
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