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How to Report a Bug

First of all, thank you for taking the time to report a bug you've found! We truly appreciate it and hope to get them addressed as soon as we can.

When reporting a bug, it is very important that you include some specific information. Specifically, please remember to include what device you are using, what OS version you are on, and whether you are on a cellular network or WiFi. In the case that it is a network device (mobile phone or tablet with network capabilities), please let us know your service provider as well. If you can including the specific model number of you device, usually found in settings, this will also help us narrow down what the issue may be.

If you are experiencing issues in battle, please let us know what Bot you are using, which mode it was in (or specific chapter and quest), and against what bot this occurred, if it was specifically one Bot.

If an error occurs in a menu or other location, please let us know where it was, what the error was (if there is an error message, please include it), and what it caused.

This information will help us dig down to the root of the problem, and will help us get it fixed for all of our players as soon as possible.

Thank you!
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