Unfair Arena reset mechanism

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With the newly arrived one-day schedule, Arenas tend to connect each other at 20:00 in my time zone. But, there's something unfair about this.

Real scenario: I was fighting with my last team in the 1st Crystal Bounty and the fight started on 19:59. Upon finishing the first round, I can't click "next round" because the game told me "Arena ended". Fine. This should be some sort of reset.
However, I can't use this team on the 2nd Crystal Bounty! All those 3 bots are on cooldown, along with everybody already on the bench.

If I'm not allowed to finish the last team due to timeout, I should be able to use them in the new Arena, shouldn't I? If you decide what happened in the previous Arena will affect the next, then I should finish the last team. In a word, the game shouldn't give me twice the stick but no carrot.

I suggest all the cooldown reset when a new Arena starts.


  • Drake6401Drake6401 Posts: 321
    Personally, I planned ahead and avoided using 4* bots when the next event is coming up soon. That way the wait was shorter. Since the new time zone flips the arenas over my night, it's no longer an issue.

    I recommend balancing the bots used if you end up cutting it that close.
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