Network does not reconnect after fight

Game can not reconnect if it loses connection to the original network after a fight. Screwed me over on a raid just now because I moved away from the original network and by the time I was able to restart the game I had to redo the fight I had already won.
Happens to me all the time when I leave work and forget to turn off the wifi as well.
There's no reason for the game to have to reconnect to the original network or for me to have to restart. Game should be able to remember that I won.


  • Happened again to me today. Please fix.
  • Drake6401Drake6401 Posts: 321
    This happens very often for me. If you wait a bit, I've found that it will remember you won the fight, but only in raids so far. I've had to redo and suffer punishment in all other forms of this issue. The crashes and disconnection are the main reason I can't get through Expert mode of the current spotlight. The crashes are too common and the punishments are too severe. Crashes on special missions have occasionally wiped out half my team purely through punishment. It even keeps the damage you took, while healing the enemy if it crashes mid game.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,268
    Happens to me a lot recently. Now I know it's not only due to internet censorsh*p
  • Happens all the time at work or at home. Not only when moving.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,543
    edited October 2017
    Every day this AM I have been shafted by the game not connecting after a solid fight vs WB or prowl.

    Getting tiresome

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