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Arena changes

I completely disagree with the changes that were made this completely gets rid of all of the units that I would get through completing each individual tier. Then on top of that I would receive a percentage based Reward through my Rank. I think this completely erases all the ability for us to generate units throughout the fight and also this compartmentalizes all of you fighting into one arena as opposed to a three star and a four star arena. My 1 and 2 stars could survive in the lower level arena where as they are now useless in this area once I get up 3x multiplier. Also The rewards suck. I was generating at least 10 Crystals to make back my gold and generate units. I now get maybe 3 or 4. Wow thanks. If it's ain't broke don't fix it. Don't even think about doing this to MCOC or you may as well kiss half of your playerbase good bye.
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