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(GWJ) Gamers With Jobs has a spot opening

Hello and welcome. (GWJ) will be replacing one its members at the end of the current AM. We are a mature adult Alliance that respects that most of us have lives and are based in the US primarily. We focus on Alliance Missions and are quite active as we begin pushing upwards again. We have ranked as high as 15th in the past and usually sit around 30ish.

We require:
- Line app. This is our primary form of communication.
- At least 2 rank 3 4* bots or max forged 3* and 1 Rank 2 4* or maxed 3*
- Maturity and respect. We are all adults with jobs here and expect anyone applying to be the same or respectful.
- Participation and communication are a must.

If this interests you, please contact me @OptimusGoon on Line to get more details and information. We look forward to hearing from you
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