Suggestion: add an option to SKIP the AI auto fighting animation and save time, return game fun.

Why not add an option to skip the AI auto fighting animation while playing with some low level missions like easy or medium spot mission and the first a few Arena battles, I feel so boring to keep doing LABOR jobs while completing these easy tasks, when you choose AI auto fighting, the computer already know what would be the final result, right? so why we still need to wait the animation to finish? if we can just simply skip it, we would be able to focus on those hard and MANUAL battle, which is more challenging.


  • Because you're not getting a free handout and that's exactly what that would be.

    The battles are also NOT immediately determined in advance just because you hit auto-fight. Only thing pre-determined animation wise is spinning crystals and letting em spin.

    If you want faster, stop using auto-fight period. Any battle where I can utilize auto-fight is a battle I can easily finish in a fraction of the time myself.

    Auto-fight is there so that you can get some easier stuff done while not paying attention to the game. That's it.
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