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To those who experience the following
- Arena reward sucks
- So many bugs and issues not fix
- No compensation to players when bugs and glitches are all around
- CRASH CRASH CRASH in IOS and Android devices
- No complete detail of the following bug fixes when new updates roll out
- Ignored by admin in forum and private messages

Is this the “WORST UPDATE AND EVENT EVER!”???? 14 votes

Yes this is the WORST
Beniaminsaintpunx0mega_SupremexJamesssHoldonGochaBRORaptor22JatinderSinghShockwaves_jdjcjdjxAnttony 10 votes
No this is the BEST
MustangjonAnubisDrake6401ScarredArachnid333 4 votes


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    i would say it aint the worst but far from being the best update .. there is room for improvement
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    I hv to agree with u about ARENA (raid, chip bot).
    But the rest change ar best so far.
  • Yes this is the WORST
    your thread will be removed as this insults kabam
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    Hey guys,

    Constructive feedback is the key here. We listen carefully to player feedback, both positive and negative. This thread, however, doesn't encourage a constructive discussion, and has actually already been brought up in discussion here. We welcome you to join the discussion there, but in the interest of keeping the forum tidy, I'll be closing this thread.
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