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[OPW] Primes Warriors is Recruiting

435,863 Rating

Looking to add new active members who have an urge to win good rewards. We currently complete Alliance Events on Map 2 Level 25 with two battle groups at 100%, Map 2 level 30 with 1 battle group at 100%. We would like to make this become even higher with more Battle Groups at 100%. We are a active Alliance, and very friendly and accommodating to peoples daily lives if they miss events as long as you communicate with us.

Must haves-
-1 Four star bot
-Level 30 (will consider lower levels)
-Active in Alliance missions every day
-Participate in Alliance Events Every day
-Laid back and friendly

Prefered you have
-USA time zone (most of us are in the US) but any time zone is fine
-At least 2 four star bots
-1 four star bot rank 3 or higher
-A nice army of maxed out three star bots

Respond to this post or message me in game at Meatshield72
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