Failed to combo special due to the roundness of the arena

When you and the opponent are near the bottom or the top of the screen. You do a normal combo and push him further down, he'll be going against the curved "wall" and if you try linking a special into the last normal, the special may (not every time) whiff, or it may be blocked (even if you timed it all right). This had happened to at least Barricade's S2 (first stomp blocked), Mirage's S2 (first shot hit but the kick missed) and Mv OP's S1 (blocked).
Also, this is where Mirage's normal sequence ends up with 6 hits instead of 7. One of his double-punch will miss a hit.
There's no problem if the fight is done in the middle of the screen.

I've notice this very often and I'm posting this in case anyone share their own experience.


  • SupraliminalSupraliminal Posts: 143
    edited October 2017
    I actually think there's iframes unintentionally in a game that doesn't have iframes where arena location doesn't matter, but.... I'm not 100 about that either. I'll attempt to notice location as well when I see it happen.

    Mirage s2 though has always missed since release if the first hit occurred during mid dash back. I assumed that wasn't a bug (because the animation actually does have a finite range, so not an iframe, just a coincidental whiff)

  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,016
    This is just one of those things you gotta learn to deal with in the game.

    I've had it where the opponent had me pinned and it worked in my favour, allowing me to escape without eating huge damage.
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