New Game Question

When installing the game for the first time linked with account, there's the fear of selecting 'New Game' instead of 'Continue Game'. What would happen if New Game was selected? Would it be a local save, or (unspecified, but unlikely) an overwrite?


  • Stitch626Stitch626 Posts: 286
    edited October 2017
    I dont think you can "start over" your game - in that, if you do start a new game, it will not overwrite whatever progress you have gained so far. There look to be 2 ways of having a game account, either through Google Play/App Store by itself, or through Kabam Login.

    So to answer your question, if you dont login using the Kabam login, you are logging into the game with your Google or Apple login. Which means across similar devices where you use the same login, you will be playing the same game. However, if you have both an Android device and an iOS device, the only way to play on the same account is to link that account to a Kabam login. Then you can log into that account on any device.

    Im not sure what would happen though if you selected "New Game" when logging into the game from a new device after already having started playing the game on a different (but same OS) device. It might give you some error or something, or it might not be able to save your progress since you would already have an account linked with that login. I highly doubt it would erase any of your progress though - ive never head of anyone freaking out about accidentally doing something like that.
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