[NwGen] New Genesis is Recruiting

236K+ Alliance

Active group in need of more active individuals willing to participate in Alliance Missions for all the rewards.

Need at least lvl 25 + with 10k+ Rating.
5K donations to the Treasury monthly.


  • Up to 297K+ now,

    But still need more active AM players.
    lvl 30+

    Need to donate 20K Gold to Treasury monthly
  • hjb3deoaqf9j.jpeg
    Need Active AM players
    lvl 30+

    Active and helpful group
  • Yup! Great group of guys that team up a lot to fight together and win prizes!

  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    edited November 2017

    Still Need to fill the Alliance with Active Alliance Mission players.
    Looking to get all 3 Battle Groups going strong!
    Lvl 30+ preferred, but lower lvls willing to grind rank in order to join the AMs are welcome.
    Join up and we can all enjoy the rewards together!
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 677
    edited December 2017
    We're recruiting again!
    Active and friendly alliance with a focus on AM, looking for players willing to work hard and work smart. Maxed 3* bots helpful, but we can work with you if you're willing to put in the effort. Come join up and reap the rewards!
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    New Recruitment for the New Year! Just let go a few less active individuals not participating in our AMs.
    Same as always, active players willing to work together and play maps smartly to finish for the rewards as a group. Join up!
  • Have 2 spots open, need active players to join AMs.
    Join up!
  • 1v2syzo3t6pz.jpeg
    2 more spots just opened up, only active players who bring their best bots for Alliance Missions.
    No 2* bots in AMs allowed.
  • 3 spots to fill, in AMs. Active players only.
    No 2* bots in AMs allowed.
  • 8lt9tqq58ot8.jpeg
    4 Open spots, I need active AM players that can handle lvl 33 in Shattered Lands
  • 1 Spot open for next AM mission. need active and capable player
  • 3nb7e55bre6g.jpeg
    5 Spots for Active Players who want to grind and receive the rewards for completing Alliance Missions with the rest of the group
  • 68jjusdqq86f.jpeg
    Need active, AM players to join the Alliance, no slackers pls, we have a core group of 12 that is very active, just need a few more to shoot for the top for all to reach 100% in the 3rd Battle Group.
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    edited March 4

    -600+K Alliance Needs active player for Alliance Missions, running Map 2, LVL 40+ been 100% complete in all 3 Battlegroups last 5 AMs in a row. Join us as we progress further for harder lvls and gain more rewards.
    -Utilize Discord for chat and AM coordination.
    -Very active group, at least player lvl 35 or 25k+ rating only pls.
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    1 slot open for an active player for the AM tomorrow!
    Need to communicate and be a team player.
  • You guys still looking for another member? smumwidsuh0e.png
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    sure we have spots open
  • Awesome. Do I need to request an invite or do i meet the requirements to join?
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    No, its open. Well, your bots are a bit on the lower end from most of the team, but as long as you are willing to grind your bots to get stronger and do your part in our Alliance Missions Thurs-Mon. You are welcome to join.
  • yeah thats what I'm trying to do. What you see is basically what I've done on my own. alliance that I'm in doesn't complete any AQ. Ive played the MCOC game for a while so i know the basics of what to do. What map are you guys running now?
  • and you guys use Discord?
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    Map 2 (Shattered Lands), level 41. Next AM we will go to lvl 42 for 2 Missions, then move up 1 lvl for 2, and keep going up unless theres a dip in member numbers.
    Yes, we use Discord for external chat as in game chat is buggy, broken and limited. We assign players to each of the 3 Battlegroups to evenly pair players with high HP bots with lower HP bots so that we all make it through for a 100% map clearance in each. And discord for letting other members when we need help on a link or when one is taken down.
  • You're right I am a little a low so i might try and find a smaller alliance to get my roster up then hit you back up when theres another opening. thanks though
  • Raptor22Raptor22 Posts: 57
    You're right I am a little a low so i might try and find a smaller alliance to get my roster up then hit you back up when theres another opening. thanks though

    You're still welcome to join right now, if you want. I'm one of the officers of the group. Sometimes, it's not about having the best bots. There's a few ppl on YouTube that use sub-1500 bots and they can beat bots rated in the 2000-2500. It's about how you fight.

    What we are really looking for is committed members to the group as that is vital to the group's success.

    Hope to see you on the battlefield.
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    1 spot open for reliable active and dedicated team player for Alliance Missions.
    -at least LVL 40+ with 35K+ Rating preferred.
    -joining our Discord chat is required to stay in the alliance (used to coordinate the AMs).
    -Running Map 2 Shattered Lands, LVL 50.

    Join up and reap the rewards with us!
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    1 spot open in our Alliance
    -need high rated, skilled, and dedicated team player for Alliance Missions.
    -Must be active, must be interested in the game and team play, communication a must.
    -you must join our Discord chat, which we use to coordinate AMs
    -Running Map 3, lvl 7+

    Join up and check out Alliance Description for our Discord link.
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23
    1.2K Alliance looking for new recruits.

    1-2 potential spots about to open up in our Alliance to play in AMs.
    - lvl 50+ players, with a team of 3x 4 Star Bots max R4 or R5
    - must be active and a team player
    - must communicate
    - must join our Discord chat, to coordinate the AMs
    - must notify us before an AM starts of a delay or inability to join an AM for any reason
    - Playing Map 3, lvl 12+
  • Alph4TrionAlph4Trion Posts: 23

    1 spot open in Alliance to play AMs
    - lvl 50+ player, have full team of 4* bots R4/R5
    - must be active and a team player
    - must communicate
    - must join our Discord chat, to coordinate the AMs
    - prior notification of joining AMs late or inability to participate for extended periods
    - Playing Map 3, lvl 16+
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