Bug: Galvatron Dark Energy charge only works when far away from enemy

Is this intentional, because I feel like as limited as he is already, he should be able to charge dark energon when holding block close up to an opponent. It's pretty annoying when you go to hit block to charge it and he just sits there and nothing happens.


  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Blocking at ranged distances
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Was suppose to attach to above
  • Drake6401Drake6401 Posts: 321
    Like mentioned, the distance is intended and described in the game information. I typically start the charge up after knocking the enemy down. It gives you some extra time to get back and start building. Note that the enemy seem to get a skill boost when ever you have it, just like when Shockwave has charges.
  • SupraliminalSupraliminal Posts: 143
    edited October 2017
    I usually dash back to charge up, but I'm fairly sure he charges just fine whenever I've been caught blocking a combo (so decide to just keep holding a little longer and the attacks involve being knocked backwards a bit, but still actually in close range). There's a delay between when you start blocking and the charges build, are you sure it just seems like an eternity because you are close so you stop before he charges? I would hop in the game real quick to check if it weren't down... like I said I was fairly sure it was working for me holding the block after combos (why would you charge in to hold block... meaning for any practical use it may as well be considered to work "at close range"). If I was 80% sure about that I'm 90% the charge isn't interrupted either if you start it and THEN someone charges into your block.
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