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Ex beta player (Alpha Alliance). Looking for alliance.

As title says.
Played from Beta in Omega. After Omega founded OV, I went to Alpha and stayed until real life caught up.
Recently considering returning to the game as a casual player but still being somewhat competitive.
Looking for a alliance to call home.
Miss all the alpha/bravo fam. Hope everyone is doing well.



  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    Welcome back! Hope you got everything sorted out!

    Loads of Alpha moved over to the OV family in a big merger. We're now spread over the top 3 alliances within that organization and I'm sure we can find you a spot too :)
  • I wish they would make a comeback/revival :neutral:
  • Come home lemmzzz. We can make a spot for you as what Dirc said.
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