Game Image Naming

For the Forged to Fight Wikia I (alone) am working on, I need an official naming system for these types of images.

First, three types of Newsfeed images:
Working File name: File:Hippocratic Crystal newsfeed {another tag here!}.png
Working File name: File:Relics newsfeed {image-that-is-on-the-bottom-menu-when-featured-bot-is-selected}.jpg (Single word or phrase needed to replace this lengthy overly-specfic tag!)
Working file name: File: Zero Cost Alliance Missions newsfeed {image-that-appears-when-corresponding-image-is-selected-from-the-bottom-of-the-menu-when-featured-bot-is-selected}.jpg. (ridiculous)!

What tag is used with these crystal images in the Crystals menu? (And what is this specific crystal pictured?)
What tag is used with the images on the Fight menu?
What tag is used with these "strips"?

I would appreciate if someone could provide the names used for these types of images!


  • woo224woo224 Posts: 177
    I'm sure there's general game terminology for these types of images, but I need someone who knows. I want to add all these images to the Forged to Fight Wikia without ridiculously long names.

    I guess no one is likely to acknowledge because it's not characters or gameplay...
  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    wish i could help but frankly i have no idea..
  • woo224woo224 Posts: 177
    Still waiting for an inevitable (non) answer...
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,539
    edited October 2017
    woo224 wrote: »
    Still waiting for an inevitable (non) answer...

    You should start a poll about it.

    You'll need a separate one for each image.

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