Alliance Mission costs, time for a stop gap measure

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There is literally zero (good) reason to not equalize the alliance mission costs/rewards.

Before the October update, rank up materials were hard to earn and gold was already the biggest bottleneck to progress.

We now have the ability to earn more rank up materials to progress our rosters, and gold has become even more of a bottleneck than it was pre-update.

Alliance missions have actually dropped in significance with regards to relevant rewards, yet they are quite literally the cause of the gold bottleneck.

The only reason the top alliances even run the difficulty they do is to keep the rewards away from competition. The gold cost isn't worth it, if you ask any player what they truly think.

Simplify the economy in a meaningful way for QoL, please! Players despise tracking their rosters for donations... This isn't a job, it's a game.

Half the reports I create at my job aren't as detailed as the spreadsheets officers keep for tracking purposes in FTF... It's sadly hilarious.


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    yet you guys are still playing...

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    The company has stated they want to simplify the game, and have cited this reason as the cause of removal of popular items from the game that no one complained about as being complicated.

    If they're true to their claimed intent then the donation system should be removed completely. It's the most difficult, complex and labour intensive thing in the game to manage at high levels, so much so that it requires external resources to do so.
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    yet you guys are still playing...


    Seriously re-thinking it.
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    I think that this topic needs to be revisited. While I understand that response to topics are cherry by the "powers that be" but I believe that this definitely needs addressing. Based on the current game model, T3 are plentiful, T2A are becoming much easier to obtain. Those are the main rewards (just low amounts of essence) to the Alliances that can play those high levels. Oh but the amount of gold to buy in per game, the amount of kits that need to be used at the high levels to compete, don't justify the rewards in a very big part of the game.

    Even the Shattered Crystals are losing value as the rewards are diminished because of Raid Store items, T3 and T2A Arena's, etc.

    What you have to pay, doesn't warrant the cost to play. This AM reward cycle needs to be updated or AM will slowly lose importance and cause people to just skip it since they can get more rewards outside of AM at little to no cost vs. playing AM.
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