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Still waiting on a mod response to crystal bounty change

I had posted here the other day to see when it was announced that the rank rewards were changing again. I have yet to see a moderator response to any of it. I feel like these are legitimate questions that should be answered.

For transparency, we were informed when moving to the new system that rewards would be similar to the past. I am not going to angerly call anyone a liar but with tiers being what they are this is currently untrue.
The 2 day crystal bounty would reward me 1000 shards for milestones of 650k and about 200 more for rank when I stopped there.
Even in the 2 weeks ago system, with 3 1 day arenas, similar effort, about 325k would get you 650 every day for a total of 1950. Great that’s a good deal better.

What really gets me is that it was changed in the middle of the series of 3 with no notice. The 325k now gets 200 a day or 600 total. Half the old 2 day arena total and 1/3 of what we could get 2 weeks ago. I’m sorry but to me that’s just shady not letting your player base know your taking away the best source of 4* shards


  • The Crystal Shard Arena was not changed after we said that we were changing the Rank Rewards the first time, but that's because it was already over before we changed the other Arenas. There was a mistake where the first one this week (Friday) was run with the older Rank Rewards.

    We're sorry for the confusion, but this was communicated out earlier.
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