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Easy raid chips

If everyone who reads this does what I say and we can get enough people then this would work. While these raid events are going on where you can get 3 star bot from raid store. If everyone empties their base of all bots except leader and puts a 1 star unaltered bot as the leader, then all everyone would have to do to get the bot raid chips is fight one bot. If we all work together like this then we could get of all sorts of bots from Kabam. I'm doing this my name in game is darkness1187. Please if you plan on doing this with me, comment with your screen name. This would be so awesome if we could get enough to participate. This is a raid chip strategy, if this is done, it will effect other aspects of the game. If you do not want your medal effected or gold. Do not follow this.


  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,012
    Till All Are One. B)
  • nomisunomisu Posts: 307
    good idea but not really practical.

    as a defender one should fill up the slots with bots to collect gold every few hours - in my case i just put in 3*bots but removed all but 1 defense modules.

    as a raider one will still want to hit a base with decent defense, for chips to buy stuff in the raid store.
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