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Dashing forward when attempting to sidestep

Controls are weird recently. In some instances when I sidestep, my bot dashes forward instead. Happened while facing Megatron in expert while trying to avoid his heavy. Cost me 2 full health Mirage taking heavy in the face and being stunned from it. Please look into this. Thanks


  • Ray94Ray94 Posts: 41
    Had the same thing happen to me a few times in AM, I'm lucky nothing bad came of it though. Reverse controls just got to learn how to play backwards
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    This was happening to me and I believe I've found the issue.

    It happens when you tilt your phone on the left or right side away from you, meaning one of your hands is further from you than the other.

    When you try to swipe controls like this, they get mixed inputs.

    It happens to a lesser extent if the phone is rotated horizontal slightly as well.

    Try to keep it level on all 3 axis as best you can.
  • SaYnTSaYnT Posts: 87
    I’ve been noticing the same thing, I thought it was just me. Unlike you however, I play on my iPad, not a phone.
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