Perfect Victory - Should it get you any kind of bonus?

Not looking for anything outrageous on this; just some different bonuses you can get when doing different modes. The amount of the bonus you get could be on some kind of sliding scale, which would depend on the difficulty of the bot you faced compared to your own bot's PI.

Story mode - more gold, more xp, higher chance at getting a bonus item.
Spotlight - same thing as story, but maybe some featured chips
Arena - not sure about this one, as I could see it getting abused, but sure, why not; bonus featured chips
Raid - more raid chips from winning that particular fight.
AM - some kind of time reduction bonus that get put towards your next energy refill.
RoK - T3C of the class of the bot you beat (seriously, you deserve a T3C if you can do this)

Thoughts on this?


  • AnakinPrimeAnakinPrime Posts: 179
    edited October 2017
    When perfect comes up, it is pretty awesome. A reward..... hmmm. Maybe like 10 bot chips for that month?
  • Hmm, thank you for the suggestion! I don't know if it's possible from a technical standpoint, but it sounds cool and I'll pass it on to the team!
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