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I’m finally close to getting the 4*s I need to be able to achieving the infinite streak on arenas so I’ll likely be forging my 3*s.

Do you unlock max forge of 100 when simply forging the same 3* into the 4* or do you need to wait until forge level 75? Thank you in advance.


  • you just need to use the same bot regardless of levels or anything.
  • MallowmanMallowman Posts: 122
    @DeePrime ty. I was worried about forging them too soon.
  • Stitch626Stitch626 Posts: 286
    Careful on forging your 3*s too early. Remember you need viable bot teams for AM and Raids, as well as good teams for doing any Story or Event quests as well. And you need bots protecting your base (or at least using them to get you gold).

    And any bot you forge is also a bot you are taking away from using in Arenas until you get that bot again and relevel it back up. So, make sure you are really gaining a benefit from forging if your main focus is on Arenas.
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,093
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    "achieving the infinite streak on arenas"
    -- This is where you don't need 4*s, or at least don't forge them with 3*s. The Arena matchmaking system gives harder opponents if your team includes 4*'s. The real challenge in achieving the streak is between fight 10 and 15. With practice, you can make it with maxed 4/4's, sandbagging with your 6 raw 1*'s. Remember, between fight 16 to 20 you still have to put 3500+ teams (preferably all 3*'s) to maintain the easy streak, so if you get too many of your 3*'s forged, you'll have to wait/pay to cooldown. And 3* bots recharge in less time.

    And another thing: these days we have 24-hour Arenas so it is not only important to get to 15, but also have a big roster to gain points quickly. Get a 2/5 will require you two t1alphas with which you can raise two 4/4's, and their PI are more or less equal to that of the 2/5.

    If you want, forge the 2*'s into 4*s. Because if you save six 1*'s for sandbagging, you mainly need 6 teams of 2*'s in the early stage of the Arena, the others 2*'s can be forging fodders.

    Arena is the fun place where you practice every bot without worrying about them being occupied in other part of the game.
  • MallowmanMallowman Posts: 122
    I usually place top 5 of arenas so I’m not too worried at the moment. I will be screwed if they go back to the old system though. I usually have more bots than I have time to arena currently. I have two rank four 4* and about five other rank threes so am is covered.
  • kelsuskelsus Posts: 38
    Out of interest - How many bots do you have total?
  • I have 28 3* and 25 4* at the moment. Just missing g1 prime, rhinox and hot rod.
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