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Finally got my first T3 spark, which 4* should I rank up?

After what feels like longer than it should've been, I've finally got myself a T3 basic spark and can rank up one of my 4* bots to rank 3. At the moment I've got Galvatron, CW Optimus, and a Rhinox with overclock unlocked to level 10 (yep, 4 4* bots pulled from crystals and 3 of them have been Rhinox, fml).

Suggestions? Also, I'm not totally averse to the idea of waiting to see what will give me the most benefit in next month's expert spotlight missions, but I don't know the meta enormously well so for all I know there could be one option that stands out above the others.


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    edited October 2017
    Optimus or Rhinox for sure. The problem with rhinox is that as good as he is, there are better tech bots out there, imo.

    Don't get me wrong, he's awesome... I just prefer mirage or rat.

    Optimus is incredible even unduped.

    You can't go wrong with either one to be honest
  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    Optimus...but where's the poll??! :D
  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    Seriously, there should be a poooooll!

    And CW OP for sure, his signature can wait.
  • Drake6401Drake6401 Posts: 321
    As mentioned either Prime or Rhinox. With that kind of ability level, that's gonna be one durable Rhino.

    My first Rank three was Shockwave. Weakest bot in the game but he's my favorite character so I did it anyway! Plus he was my only 4 star at the time other than Bludgeon and Waspinator so my options were small.
  • Damn, I missed a trick not making this a poll!
  • I dunno that you would really want to rank anything unduped, between increase in T3B as well as biweekly crystal bounty it seems like you would get your second T3b at same rate you'd get another chance at duping a 4*. Well... actually that might apply more in the near future when you have a larger number of unduped I guess if you only have 3 that can get a dupe (but mind that advice when you have a few more unduped 4*s, otherwise what will happen is you'll burn your T3B right before you get your next dupe for sure). Anyway shelve Galvatron until duped for sure, you could do Optimus or Rhino. If it was more like Rhino and 6+ unduped 4*s I would do rhino for sure.
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