Lost energon answer for DrkPrinz

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When you open 10 crystals at a time, what it shows you is the ACCUMULATED amount of energon and gold you are getting from all the crystals you opened in that session.

You aren't getting 50,90,150 energon, etc from each set of 10 crystals.... It is adding them all up together, same with gold.

So if you open 10 crystals 4 times which = 40 crystals in one session... The number that shows up at the end is the total amount you received from all 40 crystals, not just the ten you opened.

That's why it looks like you are missing energon and gold, but you're not.

The thread was closed before anyone could explain this to you.

Hope this helps.


  • TerminalTerminal Posts: 789
    Yes, I was going to post the same thing when I saw the original, cheers Manthro.

    Opening arena crystals shows cumulative results.
  • I was shocked on seeing the missing energon and posted the request in the forum immediately. After a while I did some trials with a few other crystal and I saw that when you use the "Open More" option the rewards window shows an accumulated amount . . . .exactly what you had clearly mentioned above.

    @Manthro @Terminal Thanks for the very quick and detailed response. . . you guys are doing an awesome job staying active in almost all discussion in the forum.
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