Technical Difficulties with Alliance Missions [UPDATED]

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Hey Commanders,

We are aware of some issues that caused Alliance Missions to expire after only one hour, instead of being available for 24. We have pushed a fix for this, and any Alliance Missions that are started after this time should have the full 24 hour clock.

We know that a lot of Alliance invested a lot of gold into these Alliance Missions already, and we are going to address that as soon as we can. In the mean time, please play as you normally would, and we'll be sure to make sure that we set these things straight.

We'll have more information for you as soon as we have more to share!


  • Hey Commanders,

    Firstly, thank you for your patience as we worked to rectify this situation. While we were not able to catch this issue right away, we were able to “fix” the problem that was causing the 1 hour timers for Alliance Missions as soon as we were made aware.

    However, fixing the timer did not fix the issues that this may have caused for Alliances that were able to start an Alliance Mission, and spent gold from their treasury to do so. To fix this for all of our Commanders, we are going to be taking the following actions:

    - Removing Gold Cost for the rest of the Alliance Missions in this series. This will allow any Alliances that are currently locked out due to being low on Gold in their treasury, to start a new Alliance Mission. If you are currently in an Alliance Mission, this will take effect for your next Alliance Mission.
    - Extending the end of the Alliance Mission period, to make up for any time that has been lost due to this problem. This means that instead of ending at 5am Pacific Time on Monday morning, it will end at 1pm Pacific Time (Remember! Daylight savings time ends this Sunday!)
    - Lastly, we’ll be refunding all of the Gold that Alliances spent to open the Alliance Missions today. (No matter how many times your Alliance did that, or at what time). This could take up to a week for your Alliance to see the gold back in your Treasury.

    We’re going to be doing all of these in sequence as soon as we can, but it may take a little while to propagate. You can expect to see the Gold costs removed from Alliance Missions within the next 30 minutes.
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