Solutions For More Gold

When you are trying to solve a problem, especially in Corporate America you have to think about it from several different aspects. Time is money and that has to be considered. That being said here are my 2 ideas:

1. The limit for Gold coming from Alliance Help is 3500. The limit could be increase to 20,000+ or a set number. Easy programming adjustment and it encourages helping your Alliance members throughout the day.

2. (Less attractive option) Depending on the bots on your base, have a multiplier “x” gold. So if you have 2* bots it’s 1.5x gold, 3* bots it’s 2x gold and so on. More time and programming would go into that but it’s still an idea.

While it’s been mentioned to have a Gold Arena per say, that means that meetings have to occur, planning, etc. Time is money. Personally I think option #1 is the easiest and fastest way to help put a little more gold in the players banks.


  • I hate that they are choking the gold flow. There are much better ways to control the speed at which we can advance in game
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