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The Predaconz are recruiting!

The Predaconz [Zayp3] are looking for a new member to join our alliance. We are an active group that works together to place high in events, and push ourselves in Alliance Missions. If you want better rewards, teamwork, and communication send us a request.

We finished 1st place in the last rank up event (2nd and 3rd in the two before that) and usually come in the top 15 for mission completion. We are running AM level 41-50 and use line to coordinate battle groups. All of us have lives, this is a game, no one is going to bug you, but with all the time we spend playing we want to win.

-Line is mandatory. Communication is important.
-Participation in Alliance Missions.
-At least 3 bots over 1500 rating. We are running AM lvl 41-50 this week.
-A good attitude. It's a game.

Questions? Send a friend request to Dar alHarb or any of our officers.
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