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TF101 Recruiting Active Players

Alliance recruiting active players: The alliance I am in is looking to replace some inactive members. We are looking for mid-level players who are active, but not looking to make a job of playing the game. We need people who can log in a few times a day and keep up with Alliance Missions.
If interested, you can message me in-game with the same name as here.


  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
    Bump - We have a new opening.
  • Duke_the_BearDuke_the_Bear Posts: 1
    edited December 2017
    rank 41, 24711 TR lf new, more active home.
  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
    We need a few players to fill open spots.
  • im keen
  • MagnusRNMagnusRN Posts: 1
    New player on the forums, I would like to join an active alliance. I will need some coaching.
  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
    Currently we have one opening looking to fill.
  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
    Looking for one additional player. Thanks.
  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
    Bump - Have a few open spots again. Tag: TF101
  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
    We are looking for 1 or 2 active players right now. Need people who can be reliable for mid-level AM runs. We are running between L33-L41, so R3/R4 5* bots (depending on player skill) should be fine.
    Tag: TF101
  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
    Bump. Have 2 openings right now. We are a casual alliance, but we are looking people who can commit to being active on Alliance Missions.
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