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Premium bot crystal doesn't get any bot

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This is my problem with this game, im already collected a lot of energon like really alot, but when I exchange the energon to premium bot crystal, its opened and spining the bot, when it spin I got bludgeon with two star and it has a big power or something *I dont know what its called* like 346!!! And I was really happy to get that, but when I opened the bot section it doesnt show any bludgeon with two star or doesnt get any bot from the crystal.

Please help to find this resolution to this problem or bugs


  • Stitch626Stitch626 Posts: 286
    edited November 2017
    So you are saying you opened a PBC and got a 2* Bludgeon, but you are unable to find the bot in your 'Bots' tab? First of all, 346 power is way too high for a new 2* or even a new 3*. So, you may not be looking for a 2* Bludgeon, it might be a 3* that you have already leveled up some, or a 4*. If you had already received Blidgeon in the past as a 2* or 3* and leveled it up some, then what you might have seen is your Bludgeon being awakened, which unlocks its signature ability.

    ITry restarting the game and look again. Also try filtering the bots by "Warrior".

    If you still dont see it, then you should submit a help ticket.
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