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Energon always not get as per redeemed

After i open the energon gift crystal... if i got double up my energon, its always counter as one... and this is suxxx.... let say i open 10 crystal and get 40 energon... at the energon indicator show the correct amount but then after i open again the balance and lets say 5 crystal i also get 40 energon but the indicator is not show the new amout.., what is that a scammed??? Please fix and return my energon... the latest time i claim is 11.38pm on 16/11/2017 malaysia time.... please 91sh8ijvd7bn.png
look at item i redeemed and the energon indicator


  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    edited November 2017
    Thats the total energon you earned opening all the crystals.

    It keeps a running total unless you close the screen after each batch you open.

    So, if you open 10 crystals and it reads 40 energon, then you open 5 more and it still reads 40 energon, that means you didn't get any energon from the 5 crystals.

    Lots of players have been confused by this.
  • Please dont bullshitting people ... b4 i open 10 crystal my energon is 126... then i open 10 crystal ... and got 40 energon plus gold and my energon indicator automatically show 166... then i added more 5 crystals and again i got 40 energon + less gold... and my indicator doesnt accumulate... its still maintan the 166 energon... i always checking my energon when i open up the crystal... maybe GM can check my acc if its like what ever manthro said please do a fix .... separated them when we do a claim!!!
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 509
    No, that's exactly what is happening. Your bar shows the totals you get. You got 40 energon from the first 10, and 0 from the second. Total 40 energon. Thats what it shows after opening the first 10, and after opening a total of 15.

    Notice how in your screenshot it didn;t say you opened 5 crystals after you opened the last 5, but 15. It shows you the total of all 15 crystals, but the energon (40) from the first 10 was already added. PS. 40 energon from 15 crystals is a fantastic result. Nice pull.

    pps. Kabam please change this back to before where when you press the button "Open 10 crystals" shows you only the result of those 10 crystals. The cumulative results should stay in the box on the top right that nobody ever clicks.

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