Feeding Frenzy -- when does it trigger?

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@Kabam Miike can you shed some light on this Mastery?

According to the description, it helps recover heath. Do my bots need to be under DOT debuff for Feeding to trigger? That's what I saw in Raid, Special and Solo missions. However, it is on all the time in AM. Any bot has additional green numbers popping (alongside with all those "1" numbers which is Nano repair at rank 1) when landing attacks.

Of course it would be great to trigger all the time regardless of DOT debuff. The description of Feeding Frenzy doesn't impose a DOT debuff but on the Mastery Map, its activation depends on Willpower (which impose a DOT debuff). So I'm confused.

Sorry please delete this, didn't read the description carefully enough which said Solo and AM only.


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    Whenever you hit a shark. Any direct hit should transfer health to you. I think bleed and other DOT effects don’t count, but ranged, melee & special attacks should all activate it

    So if you have a bot that doesn’t cause DOT effects, you can just look at the health of the shark bot and multiply it by whatever the multiplier for your rank of feeding freezing is, and that’s how much health you should recover during the fight

    It won’t ever work in arena because there are obviously no sharks in arena. I guess in raids it can work against Q bases only because those have a couple of sharks
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    My bad. I was thinking they're using Sharkticons as a reference metric, but not limiting this to the actual Shark!!! See what bad translation leads to....
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