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Arena Milestones please.

Last two T3 arenas I played 8 full rounds of my roster putting up 1.1mm points and 1.2mm points. This required getting up through the night and ignoring family during day. At 32nd place did not get the very much needed 5k t3 essence. Please request review of prize award ranges, or adding back milestones for a defined target to work towards. This blind ranking crushes my will to keep trying and the amount of play in a day for top prize isn't justifed. Some of us have jobs family life and can't do arena 24 hrs for 2500 essence.

That's my rant or request please kabam


  • I made that exact same position last crystal bounty, running my roster 4 times. Once you pass the 1 million mark, the top 1% is yours to keep. Getting into the top 10 might be impossible since that's where are the insane numbers like 6 million points are.

    The requirements to stay on top are extremely demanding and sadly, nothing can be done about that in total. There will always be people with the time to stay on, and the money to buy boat loads of crystals. Milestones to a small degree have been almost unanimously agreed as a good idea, and not from a greedy alpha player perspective. Not everyone can cap the ranks and milestones help players progress without hindrance of the community.

    The type of milestones I would like to see wouldn't benefit me very much, but there's a massive population of players that can't make the high ranks and fight just as hard for some useless T2 basic essence. The population does need to be helped out to make the experience for new players less overwhelming.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    I have yet to see Kabam respond to these requests
  • Agreed. I simply do not have the time to be running arena enough for blind rankings and ultimately getting very little,of what I'm after for,the time invested. Milestones still need be added back
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    Mike? Any idea if maybe a compromise could be reached? Yeah before 4* shards we're "too easy" to get, so increase the milestones a bit but bring them back...most of your customer base has requested this.
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