Please elaborate on what the policy is on accidental sold sparks

As I was already warned for posting in asking this question, I will find a way to rephrase my question that fits within forum guidelines.

@Kabam Miike or any other moderator, can you please explain what the policy is on accidental sold sparks? If a spark is accidentally sold in game, after spending $100 for said spark, what can be done to rectify the situation?


  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,497
    send a ticket to support and explain that you accidently sold it. They should be able to take back everything you gained from selling it and give you it back - I’ve had stuff given back on mcoc after accidental sales so I assume it is similar if not identical
  • Hey there!

    Your community member is correct about sending a ticket! This'll be the best way to get help on the situation. To do so, select the gear icon in the upper left corner of the main TFTF screen. From there click 'Support' and you'll be taken to our ticket submission form. :)
  • @DaveJL @Kabam Vydious Thanks... This was in regards to a friend selling their scout spark, and I posted this after a support ticket was open. I won't discuss the details since that is against forum rules, but let's just say that their response necessitated starting this forum thread ;)

    Like you said, I've seen these things fixed in the past in mcoc and tftf, so I was surprised at the response he got. Fortunately, my friend pressed them further and they went ahead and took care of it for him.
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