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Have you considered a low-quality version? and an idea for story/special/am modes

Reading from all people with game constantly crashing, and considering the fact that it looks the problem is with older phones, have you considered in making available the chance to select the quality of the game?
maybe, with a lower resolution for the models the game could be enjoyable even with older phones.
Sincerely, I wouldn't mind playin' low-quality textured models, if this would mean less crashing of the game.

Also, I noticed one thing:
I usually use my best bots for story modes, special and alliance missions.
That means that, depending on the difficulty of the mission itself, I'm using high-levelled bots against really weak opponents (while fighting, for example, in easy and medium difficulty in special missions), and usually I have to wait a lot for the loading of the fight, while the fight itself lasts no longer than few seconds.
Adding the crashing of the game, and therefore the restart of it, after each fight, I end up spending several minutes of waiting for few seconds of actual game.
I don't think I'm the only one with this issue.

Knowing this factors, I wanted to suggest a "fast mode", that triggers when your bot points are higher than your opponent's, giving you the fight automatically won.
For example how this should work:
I'm using in story mode a 3-star, rank 4 lvl 40 Motormaster, with duped ability, and a total score of 1340. I encounter a Rhinox with a total score of 340. Since my total score is 1000 points higher than his', the fast mode triggers, and consider the fight auomatically won, giving me the exp and gold rewards (and eventually the ores) that I should win after winning the fight, like when you pass on a node that doesn't have a fight.
Like the remote control option, this mode can be activated and deactivated on player's choice.
This should help a lot players like me, that runs the game on older phones, on wich it still runs, but keep crashing a lot.

Let me know your thoughts
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