Introducing: The Ancient Sanctum AM Map


When you all joined the Fight, there was only one single Map for Alliance Missions, The Forgotten Realm, and was quickly followed up by the introduction of the Shattered Lands. You’ve all grown in power significantly, with some of you even being able to conquer the highest difficulties of Shattered Lands.

The time has come for your Alliance to explore a brand new region of New Quintessa. A perilous, rewarding, and demanding land. Welcome to the Ancient Sanctum!

While we have a few more changes to Alliance Missions to share with you before the introduction of the new map, and the takeover by a fearsome new Boss that is sure to terrify your Alliances, we want to share some more information about the new Map.

Give us the Basics!

The Ancient Sanctum is the newest map addition to Alliance Missions, and much as the Shattered Lands was more difficult and required greater collaboration and organization from Alliances, Ancient Sanctum takes it one step further.

What this means is that there are now sections of the Map that require full Battlegroups, with each Commander responsible for their own lane. Expect 6 lanes with different themes for each of them.

For example, expect to run into a path where Power Control is essential, while another where Armor/Resistance buffs are the common thread (Nullify and Buff Control Bots will rule here).

The Buffs:

While we may not go into this much detail every time we have an update, since this is the first time you’ll be seeing this map, there is no harm in a little extra heads up. The Buffs and Encounters you can expect to find include:

(NOTE: These are the buffs and encounters you can expect to fight. It does not mean that these are the paths or order you will be fighting them)


Sub Bosses on the Left:

Mods: Ranged Shock 3, Focus Power Gain 3, Pyrophobia 3, Health Boost 3,

Mods: Reflect Ranged 3, Defensive Power Gain 3, Hemophobia 3, Health Boost 3

Mods: Improved Aim Enhancer, Energon Storm 3, Electrophobia 3, Health Boost 3

Subbosses on the Right:

Mods: Replicate 3, Armor Timed 3, Stagger 3, Health Boost 3

Mods: Buff Duration 3, Cycle Resist 3, Finesse 3, Health Boost 3

Mods: Randomizer 3, Focus Power Gain 3, Pyrophobia 3, Health Boost 3

The Boss:

The Boss of this round has our first ever Evolving Power Buff based on Health percentage. What this means is that the buff changes throughout the fight, dependent on his Health. As his health gets lower, his Buff will go from Phase 1, to Phase 2, all the way up to phase 5.

This is another reason that Teamwork will be even more important than before. Have a bot that’s right for a specific phase? Wait until your other teammates have worked the Boss down to that phase, then jump in and get him to the next phase.

Here’s the Evolving Power Buff:
Evolving Power: Phase 1: No damage can be done unless player's have a combo of 15 or greater.
Evolving Power: Phase 2: Cycle through 300% Ranged, Melee, and Special Attack Buffs.
Evolving Power: Phase 3: Cycle between protection from Melee and Ranged Attack damage.
Evolving Power: Phase 4: If not struck by a melee attack within 6 seconds, heal for 1% every second only up to 25% HP.
Evolving Power: Phase 5: Upon taking lethal damage, become Unstoppable, Protected from all damage, and gain a 300% Attack Buff for 6 seconds.

He’ll also have a Health Boost 5 Mod active throughout the entire fight.

Think you’ll be able to take him on all by yourself? Such heroic nonsense.

That sounds hard!

This map is definitely more difficult than the last, and will shift the focus away from strategizing for Paths by Class Advantage/Disadvantage, and to choosing the right bots for the right situation.

Difficulty-wise, the opponents you face on Difficulty 1 of Ancient Sanctum are just below the PI of the Opponents on Difficulty 40 of the Shattered Lands map, and assuming full participation, will be roughly the same difficulty level. The rewards in the Ancient Sanctum crystal, and the Map rewards will be also be even better than the ones available in the Shattered Lands Crystal and Map Rewards. (More information on that next week!)

It’s also important to note that with the introduction of the new map, we will be changing the difficulty selections available for the Shattered Lands map. Shattered Lands will now only be available in Difficulties 1-65.

While we want more Alliances to be trying the new Map (If you can run Difficulty 40, the new Map is worth your while, since it gives better rewards), we also didn’t want to punish Alliances that have some very active and capable members, but aren’t quite full, since Ancient Sanctum does require a full Battle Group to complete.

The difficulty also scales much quicker than the previous maps, so take it slow!

Just to be sure… This Map doesn’t cost any Gold to start, right?

Nope! Just like the other Maps, there will be no Gold Cost associated to start the Map! Use your gold to Rank Up your bots that will help you out on this Map!

Sooo… How about those rewards?

Soon! We’re almost ready to share that information with you, but because everytime we do an update to Alliance Missions, it affects all Maps, we’re still tuning the rewards and will have that information out with our next Alliance Mission update announcement next week!


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