Image Assets Disabled?? Or No More???

woo224woo224 Posts: 177
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@Kabam Miike

Unfortunately, the 4.1 update brings one very negative behind-the-scenes change for me: New images are no longer stored in the game's assets_cache file!(!!!)

We no longer have automatic archives of the game's history! The Transformers: Forged to Fight Wikia will be ruined without new images to add! (All images from the game to the wiki are intended to be uploaded and archived under the License of wiki Fair Use)

Do I have to use a complicated file extractor? Do I have to inconveniently and inconsistently use photoshop to get surface and not source images??

Has any other Android player had at least browsed through the games files out of curiosity? Or are you part of the majority that only focuses on the game screen?

Please bring back this unacknowledged, but useful feature, or at least someone show me how I can manually access the assets_cache again!
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