GWL is looking for more!

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Gamers With Lives has immediate openings to fill. A sister alliance to Gamers With Jobs, GWL is a bit more lax and casual but still AM focused. We seek mature and respectful members to join our growing family. If you're looking to help the sister alliance to a top 25 alliance grow, here's your chance.

We have minimum requirements as listed

- Line app is required as this is our primary communication. You will join the whole Gamers With family and be able to benefit from all the fun we have as such in our main chat channel.
- AM participation is required. Currently sticking to Shattered Lands map until we have some minimums to start working on the new map, Ancient Sanctum.
- Must have a minimum of 3x 3/30 3* bots or higher. We are here to help you grow at a solid pace and those that show real skill and growth will be offered spots in GWJ as they open up.

If a mature, fun, respectful and social group is what you are looking for to enjoy TFtF with, then look no further. We're always upbeat and having a blast.

For more info contact me on Line @optimusgoon or you can contact me or the GWL leader @ Hired Goon OR Glamour Pants in-game to learn more.


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    Still plenty of positions left for anyone looking for a fun, social, casual mature alliance focused on AM.

    Will be moving to low diff Map 3 as soon as we get enough positions filled.
  • Still a few positions left. Get them while they last.
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