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New AM map failed to start glitch

Hey All,

My Aliiance "HOOTS" aka Murder Squad has been experiencing issue with starting & joining the new AM map. We would try to join and it says it has to be started. We did so at least 7-10 times and whenever we're able to join we'd get kicked and have to restart the AM again after logging off and back on.

Is any others having this issue?


  • I just got kicked as well. I got this after fighting the second bot in my line.ufs5eomg61je.png
  • Yes, unable to start after multiple resets. We can even fight occassionally but it resets again

    It starts the map but resets on reboot
  • Its broken for everyone. Both AM and Spotlight
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,752
    Seems almost everyone is having this issue
  • Thanks for the feed back everyone! It's safe to expect some emergency maintenance to take place soon! #WeAllGotKabamed! Lmao...
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