4 Star Crystals giving Dinobot chips instead of Megatron Chips

I opened that Cyber Monday crystal deal today first and got all Megatron chips with my bots like I should have, but when I opened my 4 star crystal last to hopefully collect 10k Megatron chips, I got 10k Dinobot chips instead.

Will Kabam swap these for me? The whole reason of waiting to open these was to get the December chips and not the November ones.


  • This is unacceptable. 4str crystals are hard to get these days. People getting dino chips should get em replaced with mega chips
  • AnubisAnubis Posts: 87
    Yea I want my megaton chips also!!!!
  • AnubisAnubis Posts: 87
    This is unacceptable and very disappointing!!!
  • yes same here, i want to get dino bot dupped but get Megatron chips instead. Very disappointing
  • Same. And I got weird amount of Megatron chips. I have 2500 or so from just a few two star dupes. No three star dupes.
  • I also opened up one to test it out, from the Cyber Monday Crystal package. Received a 3 Star Waspinator, and 1000 Dinobot chips. Not opening anything else until I am certain that we will only get the Megatron chips.
  • Ok, i opened my stored 15 4* crystals without spining and got all dino chips instead, please convert those to megatron chips because those are now useless... we need this fixed asap
  • DirculesDircules Posts: 467
    I opened my Cyber Monday crystals, and knight crystals, too and received Dinobot chips instead of megatron. In total got 1 4-star, 8 3-stars, and rest 2-stars. About 20k megachips worth. Would appreciate it if those were megatron chips somehow. Crystals back would be acceptable too :) I'll open them again for megatron chips
  • I had this happen but I think it actually gave me both as a result. Mine was just duped 2 stars so no big deal if not.
  • I opened my cyber Monday and a few other chips and all were Megatron chips. while doing spot lite easy game crashed and 1000 of my meg chips converted over to dino chips.
  • MAMILMAMIL Posts: 33
    Add me to this glitch, lost 20k Megatron chips! I don’t want anymore dupes of 3* Dinobot
  • I opened 25 crystals for it all said Megatron chips but when I went to items ithad zero Megatron and my Dinobot chips increased
  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
  • JKLJKL Posts: 349
    Same thing here. Holding off opening anymore crystals.

  • Hey y'all,

    I'm really sorry you're running into this. We're looking into the issue and once we have more information we'll make sure to update all of you!
  • KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 1,139
    Hmmm that really stinks, hope ya get a chip switch. Curious on what dupe you got lol
  • Hey All, we've posted an update on this right here: http://forums.transformersforgedtofight.com/discussion/3109/regarding-todays-issues-november-30th-2017

    More details will follow when we have something to share.
  • Is there a time frame to expect our Megatron chips? I experienced the same problem with a 4* crystal.
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