Megatron Relic 5% Attack in Arenas

SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 730
edited November 2017 in General Discussion
So is anyone ever going to bother equipping this thing?

Until we can get some kind of more efficient relic loadout system that allows us to simply select relic configurations from a dropdown menu or something like that (Special, Story, Raid, Arena, AM Configurations), I doubt this thing will ever get used (at least for me anyway). Honestly, if I equipped it for any reason, I'd most likely forget it's even equipped and then do something like run a Spotlight mission or AM with it on.


  • AnubisAnubis Posts: 87
    Nope not worth the time to even put them on!
  • SerapthSerapth Posts: 157
    Unless it raises your bot ratings 5% too. More points is more points...

    But yeah, mostly useless.
  • BOFADBOFAD Posts: 329
    5% in arenas = more points. Its up to you whether you want to use it or not.
  • I don't mind. We got Alliance and spotlights. Arena was an easy prediction.
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