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Who had completed the Code of a Hero Expert Missions (And got Ramjet) BEFORE v4.1?

I would like to know how expert players completed the last Spotlight Mission's Expert map, and how long did it take.

Can anyone who used the Gold Shattered Disk Relic DURING version 4.0 upload its .png image? It can be found in' File Explorer -> Android -> data -> com.kagbam.bigrobot -> files -> asset_cache'.

I'm also missing the new portrait png image of Ramjet, and all T3 Class Sparks, and all T5 Class Ore. If you have any of these in your cache, I would appreciate it if you upload them here or to the Transformers: Forged to Fight Wikia.

It is no use to get these new images in version 4.1. The "asset_cache" folder is dead with this update! (Argh!) Unless someone knows how to re-enable it...

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