Congratulations Kabam!

Last May, it won “Best Game” on Google Play. Now, TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight has received the honour of “Most Competitve Game of 2017” (Google Play). I would just like to step forth and congratulate Kabam on their awesome achievement(s)!

Thank you for delivering us the best Transformers mobile experience possible and as we continue on as a community, that we (despite the many issues...) make this the greatest game it can be. ‘Til All Are One! :)


  • camaro57camaro57 Posts: 212
    congratulations kabam.
  • Shadowind_Prime13Shadowind_Prime13 Posts: 250
    edited December 2017
    Thank you and congratulations Kabam. You deserve it
  • Oh, i thought this was one those “ pointless sacrcastic threads”. I was going to add my say to the matter but hey, Conglats Kabam. There is not a game more deserving of this award.
  • ReworkRework Posts: 111
    I hope they can find a way to leverage this into expanding the player base. I'd like to see this game last.
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